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‘Feeling Spring-Forward’

The phrase ‘paint it red’ some how feels apt today…

I sit today somehow not missing the flavor and exuberance of one of the festivities I celebrated in my homeland. It gives me reason enough to express the feeling in my own way.

India as a country is extremely rich when it comes to celebrations of seasons/moods or just any occasion of life. You name it and we have some kind of a song and dance and festival associated with it. Holi is definitely one of the most important ones of them all, especially to me. I have always celebrated Holi with a lot of enthusiasm. Even as a child, when I hardly understood the essence and symbolism of the festival, it gave me so much joy to go around the city and have fun and frolic with friends. Spreading joy and warmth by colors is a beautiful…

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Fashion for Men 101

Posted: December 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

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“To BE the part you need to LOOK the part.”

Fashion is something that is close to my heart and an eye candy for all. I did go to a fashion school and worked in a fashion house. Today, I’m writing for the regular consumer. There may be some technical jargons but I have tried to keep it simple for everybody to understand and get the flow.

Being in New York has definitely broadened my horizon and I feel more inspired by the buzzing energy and the diversity of the city. I have always been a curious observer and like most people of my fraternity, I love walking into stores even when I’m not really shopping. I observe the layout, branding, fixtures, the assortment and also the people. I study the pattern and probably form an opinion about the pulse of the moment.

Shopping/Buying mantra by men is – “Keep…

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Height of laziness.

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Another post by my Wifey… The (new) Blog Enthusiast!

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People who know me can vouch that I’m one of the laziest persons on earth and the irony is that I’m highly organized. I love making idiosyncratic to-do lists, charts, spread sheets and what not to help me follow a routine. (It’s tantalizing in its own way).
The more I see mess around me, the more I shut down and it drives me insane. One day I burst out and decide to do everything at one go; another big mistake. Guess people like me need a push. Sometimes a nudge helps, sometimes a bull dozer.
I’ve decided to do something to fight this.

The ‘1 minute rule’: anything that takes 60 seconds or less; I am going to do it right away.
E.g. I never throw soaked tea leaves out of the pot, I hate touching used stuff even if I’m the one who used it (For that very reason…

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How do I love thee, Let me count the ways.
Just like 62 CDs, equal two Blu-ray.
I was an exception, which never recovered.
Until you caught me, and the bug discovered.

I was a fusty nut, with no kernel.
Like a code base, with errors internal.
I wasn’t compatible, I needed upgrade.
You were the patch, with parity bit rate.

You are the reason, that I can go live.
For you alone, I’ll format my hard drive.
In your alliance, I’ll always lookup.
Follow you anywhere, without a backup.

My love for you is a Tan curve, tending to π/2.
Arrhythmia in your presence, only if you knew.
Your Image in 3D, and curves included.
Burned my ROM, and sensors hard-wired.

Nothing can explain it, not even pie-charts.
To join our hands, and with our hands our hearts.
No Android green or windows blue.
In my UAT, you’re always flagged as true.

We all know it. But we still do it. And then we hurt our loved ones more than we hurt ourselves. Recently, I’ve noticed that we learn by our own mistakes but then there may not always be a second chance to make up for it. We come across road accidents in news and in print but we never really think that this could be us. We drink and we drive. And we’re always confident of ourselves. In fact, we’re more confident of our driving skills when we’re drunk than the times we’re sober. Alcohol does that to you.

I was one of them among many. When local cops started cracking down on DUI, I switched to hiring a cab. Nope, it wasn’t because I can’t drive under intoxication. On the contrary, I think I can drive just fine under intoxication. It’s just that I hate greasing palms of cops when I get caught. We’ll splurge thousand rupees per person in a club buying those exotic cocktails but won’t waste money in sharing a hired cab. Earlier, it turned out to be huge inconvenience. But then after a few weeks it turned out to be a better deal. One, trying to drive after couple of beers is sure shot buzz kill. Instead of stretching back, relaxing and enjoying the buzz we’re more focussed on keeping our eyes on the road. Secondly, you don’t have to deal with cops anymore. You can take the straight road home and not computing complex permutations and probability equations to figure out where the next road block will be. Most importantly, I am being a more responsible citizen and human being. See the thing is that when you’re driving, it’s not just your life you’re responsible for but also for your co-passengers and those out on the streets. Accidents can happen to anyone, anytime I agree. But by these few deliberate efforts we cut our chances of being part of the astronomical grand scheme of all unfortunate things.

Recently, two of my friends were involved in a road accident. Lucky for them, no one got hurt. The car was completely totalled and they got out with few minor bruises. They’d say they lost control of the car. But then again, you can’t ignore the fact that they were in fact, drunk. They’ve learnt the value of life and live to tell the tale. But have the others learnt from their mistake? I know of many more in my friends’ list who still drink and drive. They will recall this incident with the same awe and amazement remembering again and again how lucky our friends were to survive that crash. And then they’ll order those pints and will be on the road again.

Again few days back, a friend’s friend met few of his friends and decided to street race their motor bikes for old times sake. One of them met with an accident and didn’t make it. His family is heart-broken, his girlfriend completely shattered. They have my deepest condolences. Just for cheap thrills there are many mourning and there is nothing you can do about it. some victims of these rash drivers may say that he had it coming, but I don’t think so. I don’t think anybody deserves such a fate.

My brother, who’s a surgeon once said to me, “Whenever you want that adrenaline rush, let me know. I’ll pretend you have a heart attack and I’ll pump you up with some juice. But never ever put your life on stake because it’s not your life to give away in the first place”.

*Flash Update* Phone Galleria, MG Road says it’ll be available in few hours at their store. They Do Not accept American Express Credit Cards. So if Master Card and Visa are your preferred Credit Cards then Go ahead, give them a call. You might just be able to buy one today.

Blackberry users rejoice! The New Blackberry Torch 9800 is out and available for Sale in India. It’s a different fact though, that in spite of me trying almost every store in town for the past couple of days, I haven’t been able to get my hands on one. Note to those who are planning to buy one themselves: Do not pay the ‘Advance’ Amount to any of those so-called flagship Mobile Phone stores in town. They’ll promise you that you’ll get it the same day but it’s not gonna happen. From what I infer, your best bet would be this Friday (October 22, 2010). I have my fingers crossed though that it might happen today and I’ll have my hands on the new toy from the Canadians.

What do I like about the new Blackberry Torch First:

Well, it has both a touch screen as well as a physical QWERTY keypad. I use to own a Blackberry Storm which by the standards at that time was pretty awesome. But when I traded it for a Nokia N97 (which I do not like a lot, to put it on record) I realized the ease of typing because of a QWERTY keypad. In fact, the lack of a QWERTY keypad in Storm was a major reason people who were pro-Blackberry users did not find it too fascinating. It is one thing to update your status message on Facebook or Tweet using a Virtual QWERTY keypad and an entirely different thing to type out a page long email.

Secondly, it has the new Blackberry OS 6. It’s an evolutionary update vs. an all new operating system, but they’ve crammed more features into and pulled more performance out of the BlackBerry operating system. Sure the home screen looks very similar to Blackberry Storm but it really is not. It is Highly interactive. There’s Navigation Bar and the magnifying glass icon for Universal Search. Then Notifications Preview and the Manage Connections quick access point.

Now that I’ve mentioned the Universal Search, I have to continue talking about it. It’s like the Google Search for your Blackberry: Only more awesome. Sure, my N97 too has a feature like that but the search capabilities and parameters are way overwhelming compared to the Nokia Search. Be it finding a contact, doing up a web search, finding a song to listen to, changing a device option; you can just start typing and Universal Search immediately begins displaying your results.

And talk about a Tabbed Web browser which makes iPhone browser run to mamma. I can go on and on and on, but for the complete list of the Torch’s awesomeness visit Crackberry for the pro review.

Why do I still prefer an Android or an iPhone for that matter over the new BlackBerry Torch?

Now when we’re talking about Phones with 1GHz Processors, why would blackberry put a measly processor? Just like its predecessor Storm the UI is just as sluggish and many blame the processor for it.

Samsung has the Super AMOLED to boast about, Even iPhone has the 960 x 640 Retina Display on their iPhone. What does Blackberry Torch has? A 480-by-360 pixel resolution 3.2 inches dwarf touch screen.

They say it’s the ‘Best Blackberry ever’. Hell ya! But you’re still far behind when it comes to common actions/activities which other Smartphones have offered for so long. It seems that Blackberry has a good job catching up with other smart phones but nothing really, to put it self ahead of them.

Bill Gates once said ‘640 KB memory ought to be enough for everyone’. Well, he was wrong then and Blackberry still haven’t grasped the idea that 8 GB storage isn’t enough. Not even for my nephew in the fifth Grade. Blackberry offers 4GB onboard and 4GB Micro SD Card which makes it 8GB Storage out of the box. You can buy an extra SD Card, but as the High(est) price Smartphone on the street, I would expect much more ‘in the box’.

Blackberry is for the ones on the road – with a Mobile Charger. I hate keeping tab on my Battery. Even its own Brethren Blackberry Bold has more hours than the new kid on the Block. Torch provides 5.5 Hours of talk time at par with the Motorola Droid. And Droid is not even the Flagship Android phone.

Now, no HDMI Output or a front facing Camera? We’re about to go 3G this Diwali hopefully, but no secondary camera means that no Video calls or Skype Video chats on Blackberry. Oh right, Skype is still not available on Blackberry. We have it for others though.
All work and no play? Whenever I’m looking intently at my cell phone with excessive hand movements, I’m playing a game on my smart phone. You think Consultants don’t get bored easily? Well we do, and a lot. Why do you think I’m writing this blog? RIM has played catch up with the big guys so intently that it failed to notice that Gaming is the next big thing on the Smartphones project. Which means soon enough, it’ll do playing catch up again.

Blackberry Torch 9800 is also the first device from RIM to have the new BlackBerry App World store pre-installed. However, BlackBerry App World offers just 7,000 apps, while Apple’s App Store offers a whopping 250,000 applications. Pfft! This was a no-Brainer.

Perpetual Oxymoron

Posted: August 25, 2010 in Humor, Men Vs. Women, Relationships
There’s the Concept of Chivalry and Women liberalization. The concept, to say is easy to grasp. The execution is a little elusive. I find them to be somewhat like an oxymoron. I mean, we’re supposed to carry your shopping bags, hold the door and wait for you for hours in the parking lot while you wrap up things at work, why is the same scenario with the roles reversed seem so obnoxious? When a reply, of “Because I’m a girl” seem to explain everything here then how is it that we walk up on your equality rights on other planes where my help rejected or my clear limited understanding of emotions turned down as a sign of then being a chauvinist? Honestly, I think only a chauvinist can be a chivalrous guy.
I mean, yes I drive you around (chivalry) because your driving skills suck (chauvinism). Let me put the point through another example: Recently, in a mall when my girlfriend and I disagreed on a certain topic she walked away saying that she doesn’t want to see me now and I should leave her alone for some time. “Respect her space” was one of the things. So I decided that there was no point talking about it anymore now, and headed back home. Later in the evening I got chided again for leaving “a girl” All by herself in a shopping mall, when our apartment is like only a 5 minute walk from the mall. Again, when she decides to leave for a place in the evening, and I offer help, concern and suggestions I get that scowl and the statement “I’m a Big Girl”. So do I persist and continue insisting until she relents or let her go and be chided at a later time for being an inconsiderate pig? I think I’d rather get the beating later than pursuing her knowing such non-gallant affairs of mine are never meant to be appreciated.
Then there’s the thing of Accepting me the way I am. Truth be told, women hope that in their company men would change and men live the illusion that women won’t. If I am to accept you the way you are or what you’re becoming then it should be alright too if I am the same old couch potato who loves to watch his football games with his male friends and outing for me means heading out to a sports bar, listening to good ol’ rock music even if the bar is not at all ‘classy’. I like to head out to a restaurant where they serve good food in huge quantities even if the waiters are wearing a Tee over a pair of jeans and have a tattooed arm. You’ve changed too, from fretting over how I’ll do in my exams when in College to the state of total indifference of what happens to me these days at work wasn’t what I signed up for. So your boss is an idiot and hell-bent on making your life hell? You’re not the only one. My boss too has been more than a mentor to me. He’s my tormentor. But you don’t care do you? All you care is why am I not earning as much as some other schmuck who sucks up to his boss.
Also, the definitions of rules and boundaries in a relationship. Aren’t you too old to still have crushes on boys, And I still don’t get what a crush is. For me it’s like a grey area for women where they don’t feel guilty flirting with men. Men on the other hand, prefer things in black or white, ones and zeroes. Yeah, we’re like those Computers but a lot simpler. We flirt because she’s got the right rack and she’s showing off more skin than others. Why would I want to talk to an unattractive female anyway? Just like the way a nerd without that snappy suit and boy band looks is as uninteresting for you to have a crush on. We’re being honest here. You don’t like my ogling my eyeballs till they pop at a bikini model in the sports magazine, then stop Oohing every time Shahrukh Knan comes up on the screen. For us its the same thing. Basic Instinct was never a classic because of it’s a murder thriller and a story unravelling the mysteries surrounding the other side of women.